It feels better in a FAIR TRADE hammock

The Material Is Incredibly Soft, Softer Then Cotton, And Can Be Left Outside All Summer. Definitely The most beautifuls And the Most Comfortables Of All Weatherproof Hammocks.

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Not only the best but also the only fair trade certified Thaï hammocks

Handmade with love by the weavers of Thai Tribal Craft Fair Trade CO in the Northern mountains of Thailand, and by the artists of Chiang Kong Hammock weaver group and Thatorn Tribal weavers. Certified and guaranteed by the World Fair Trade Organization.
Many of you have already seen on TV or read in some magazines great comments about those hammocks handmade by people from the hill tribe of Northern Thailand. They are known for their unique quality and comfort but also because it provides much needed work and fair wages to many families so they can get out of the poverty cycle.   
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INNOVATION: We have in our team the man who was the first to create those hammocks and to teach, first to the Mlabri and then to many other tribe, how to weave them. 

ACRYLIC: Is the softest and the most weather resistant material to produce high end hammocks

FAIR TRADE: We offer the only Thai hammocks that are certified by the WORLD FAIR TRADE ORGANIZATION