MATERIAL:(Softer and can stay outside)

Beside The Handicraft, The Selection Of The Right Materials Is Highly Important. As Thread We Use Acrylic (Softer Than Cotton). The Acrylic Thread Combines The Advantages Of An Organic And A Synthetical Material. The Raw Material Is Woven Like Cotton And Feels Very Soft And Comfortable. Compared To Cotton Acrylic Is Very Resistant To Water And Sun, Sustaining Its Colours Over Many Years. The Acrylic Thread Is Produced In Bangkok And Has A Reputation As Being The Most Precious One Of All Synthetic Fibers On The Market. The Raw Material Is In Average Twice As Expensive As Cotton Or Nylon, In Favor Of Longevity And High Comfort.

FOR MORE STRENGTH WE USE 3 THREADS TOGETHER. By Combining Colours We Can Weave The Most Beautiful Hammocks On The ART Collection

We Used To Dye Our Yarns Ourselves, As Other Weaver Still Do, But We Believe That The Company Making The Yarn For Us Is Better Equipped To Treat The Residual Water. It Cost More This Way But it is very important To Protect the environment Too. 

TIGHT WEAVING :(Comfort with no marks on the skin)

Each hammock is hand crafted crochet style by a skilled weaver from the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. The end result is a hammock like you have not yet experienced. Moulding to the shape of your body. the thousands of loops allow air to permeate through the material. You Will Also Notice The Tightest Weave On The Market For No Marks On The Skin.

BEWARE: It is very difficult to determine the width of a string hammock since it will depend on the quantity of material and the tension of the weave. The size is also different depending on if there is weight on it or not. Example; we can stretch a hammock and write that it is 9ft wide but when you put some weight on it it tightens and then could be down to 7ft. We indicate sizes with someone on the hammock.

We are confident that our hammocks are of superior quality to anything else available worldwide. Relax, Be Happy and make your friends envious with one of those premium quality hammocks.

In 1988, Swiss textile engineer Peter Schmidt discovered the craftsmanship of the Hill Tribes and he showed them how to weave a new type of hammock. Its textile experience and the traditional craftsmanship of the local people made the first net hammocks in Thailand. Since then, Hammock Art has created a hammock collection that is hard to beat in terms of design, comfort and quality.

FAIR TRADE : (Create a more equitable world)

"FAIR TRADE is an approach to business and to development based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks to create greater equity in the international trading system."

Top Quality Hammocks Made By Skilled Weavers From Hill Tribes Of Northern Thailand. What Started With A Few Rolls Of Yarn Has Today Become A Business Selling Thousands Of Hammocks Every Year, Skilfully And Artfully Woven By Over 200 Local Weavers. Every Hammock You Buy Will Bring Many Hours Of Relaxation For You, And Much Needed Employment For Us! 

"Fair Trade Is A Tangible Contribution To Fight Against Poverty, Climate Change And Global Economic Crisis. It Must Benefit The Most Vulnerable And Deliver Sustainable Livelihoods By Developing Opportunities Especially For Small And Disadvantage Producers"

Our hammocks are recognized by the World Fair Trade Organization through Thai Tribal Crafts. This is a guarantee that all weavers are treated with most respect and that they can earn a decent living making hammocks. Our goal is to provide much needed work and fair wages to quality weavers from the North of Thailand, helping them economically while allowing them to preserve their culture.