Smaller but with the same qualities as his big brothers. 







  • Travel version designed for home, traveling and carrying around easily. Smaller version of the XL.
  • Handmade in 5/6 days with 100% weatherproof Acrylic triple yarn, for outdoor and indoor use
  • Fits one adult comfortably, two if in love
  • Built to last with a level of comfort that has to be experienced to be believed. Very tightly woven
  • Overall Length 144" - Bed length 77"
  • Width 79" Weight 1.87LBS
  • Holds 400 lbs
  • Material: 3.1 miles of ACRYLIC cotton spun yarn
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Certified by the WORLD FAIR TRADE ORGANIZATION with Thai Tribal Craft.
  • 5 year warranty against fading
The material is incredible soft, softer then cotton, and can be left outside all summer. Definitely the softest and most comfortable of all weatherproof hammocks.
Like for all string hammocks beware of buttons, jewels and any sharp object. Remove shoes on a hammock. When getting out of the hammock just look if you are not hooked to it...


List price $199 USD