After having compared the weight of different hammock brands, after looking at different pictures that showed that no Thai hammocks seem to be 9 ft wide once there is some weight on it, you have ordered and received your Hill-Tribe hammocks.

NOW ! How to hang your Hammock.

To be comfortable in a traditional hammock you must lie diagonally (about 30 degrees angle) or across it, and this is why it is mainly the width of the hammock that change from one size to another. But the length of it also matters. A longer hammock will open more to let you enjoy it's full width. The idea is to get your back as straight as possible instead of a banana shape.

If you prefer reading or chatting with someone without falling asleep then you can move further to the end of the hammock.

Your hammock have to hang making a nice smile. If too straight it won't open, the sides will close on you and you will think that the hammock is too wide. The end loops (not the trees) have to be about 6 feet high and roughly 10' apart (9' with the TJ). The center of the hammock, the lowest part of it, have to be about 15" to 20" from the ground, or what is the more convenient for you to get in and out of the hammock. Keep in mind that the hammock will stretch a little and that you might have to adjust the height accordingly. The more distance between the trees the higher you need to attach your cords or straps.

Now that the hammock is safely installed it is time to relax. First make sure that the hammock is installed properly . Then, stand in front of the hammock, in the middle, grab a handful of fabric in your hand and lift it. Keeping your hand high sit in the hammock and lay on your back. OK, you can now let go your handful of hammock. Get your feet in the hammock and move yourself until you find your sweet spot where you will feel no pressure point. remember to go diagonally at a 30 to 45 degrees angle, depending on your size and the size of the hammock. By doing so you will not be sinking in the hammock with sides closing on you. This will also happen if the hammock is hung to straight (remember the banana shape).

Very fast you will reach a state of pure happiness before falling asleep. By sitting closer to one end you get a comfortable reading position.



As For All String Hammocks Beware Of Buttons, Jewels And Any Sharp Object. Remove Shoes On A Hammock. When Getting Out Of The Hammock Just Look If You Are Not tangled To It...

To avoid damaging it you should only wash your hammock by hand. Use a mild soap with a little bit of fabric softener if you want. When manipulating your hammock it is important to always hold both end loops together to avoid tangling.