The continual deforestation of the land, the lack of education, the remote location and discrimination by the rest of the population have made it almost impossible for many tribes in the region to find a way out of poverty.

Hammocks are relatively new to Thailand as they were introduced by Peter Schmid only in 1988.  Peter, a Swiss textile engineer, motorcycle tour guide, and adventurer,  has lived in Thailand for more than 30 years . His story is long and full of twists and turns. Amongst others it included 10 years of working with and supporting the “stone age” Mlabri tribe (the yellow leaf people) through hammock-making. 

After this period Peter saw that it could not get better with them so he decided to bring hammock weaving to a superior level and leave the Mlabri people to another organization, and they still make the same styles of hammocks since then. After that and over the years Peter developed different types of hammocks, and created over 300 different colour designs. His aim has always been to create new works of art rather than imitating others.

Now his wife and her 2 daughters are working with a specialized production group in Chiang Khong who have developped the expertise to produce unique complicated designs like, among many others, our Montecapra, Skywalker and Monteverdi models. It takes a lot of training to make those hammocks.

They also train and support many weavers from the Thai Tribal Crafts organisation. With this unique partnership today more then 200 families can count on hammock weaving to make a better life for them and their communities.

Many happy customers from North-America, Europe, Asia and Australia are enjoying our high end hammocks

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